today matters

today matters

Today is your day!  Today matters because it is the day you will:

  1. Choose to be happy
  2. Celebrate you are here now
  3. Make a point to recognize and feel each positive moment as it unfolds
  4. Let go of the negatives sabotaging your attention
  5. Stop worrying about what might happen
  6. No longer ruminate what already past
  7. Allow your humor to lighten your spirits
  8. Tune into your needs without discounting their importance
  9. Hold your head high, put your shoulders back and glow
  10. Take care of your wellbeing throughout the day
  11. Connect with someone more deeply by listening with every one of your senses
  12. Work to spread smiles across the faces of those around you
  13. Put yourself in another’s shoes to gain perspective
  14. Do an act of goodness each chance you get to ensure today matters
  15. Remember how wonderful it feels to help others
  16. Compliment each person you come in contact with
  17. Realize your presence has purpose and a beneficial impact on the world
  18. Stop to find the beauty and novelty in an everyday item
  19. Find that inspiration to connect with what is higher than self
  20. Open yourself to learning something new then teach someone your learning
  21. Challenge by stretching your perceived limits or by facing a fear (both is good too)
  22. Don’t hesitate or procrastinate just keep the momentum going
  23. Lessen your expectations enjoying each experience for what it is without judgement
  24. Be grateful for everything big and tiny
  25. Dream bigger while taking the first step to make them come true
  26. Reflect on your accomplishments at the end of the day feeling the shift all the way through your toes

Today matters, however don’t live today like it’s your last–live today like you know you should live every day–with intention.  Then do it again. And again. And so on and so on, until your can’t help but feel happiness bursting from your seams. You can do this.

When you take one day at a time, applying this list (adjusted to ignite your spirit), you will live life better. Treating this day like the gift it is. The every present opportunity to make this day special is the effervescent rainbow beckoning you to follow, love, laugh, and cartwheel your way through your day while inviting other’s to join in. This is all you. All yours. Let’s go. Get on with your Thrally self!



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