4 Golden Threads of Wellbeing

4 golden threads of wellbeingYour wellbeing is held together by 4 golden threads. These weave into a tapestry of pure joy and fulfillment. This is your tapestry. Your story. Which means its pattern is up to you and only you.

What will your’s say?


It is important to fill your cup with positive thoughts and ideas. The beauty of this is you reinforce the positive events of your life. By focusing your attention on the good in your live you literally create a daisy chain of happier memories, which makes you fulfilled and leads you to feeling you have a good life. Being positive puts you in a better place. It makes you more resilient—able to bounce back form negative events by gaining a more beneficial perspective. Besides it feels better to be positive. There is not any sort of benefit to you or those around you when you let yourself churn in the negative. Change your perspective on life. Think positive.


Many of us literally give until it hurts. Hurts us. When we are depleted in an area of self and then we attempt to give from it—we unbalance ourselves; leading to a feeling of emptiness and low self worth. You cannot pour from an empty cup. If you focus on maintaining a full cup in each of your primary quadrants of self, then you may give to others from that area over and over again. The beauty is you give to yourself in your suffering quadrants. Nurturing and caring for yourself and others should generate more fuel not compromise one’s wellbeing. Create a list of activities that allow you to give from your highest quadrant and those that help you fill your lowest. These become part of your daily todo list to right side yourself.


After you complete your 4 quadrants of self check-in and have located the corrective actions to refuel and find balance through giving back appropriately, then you can take a moment to express gratitude for what you have in your life. Thankfulness reinforces your positive, joyful side of self further and acts as a bridge connecting you to the world outside. Big or small thoughts, actions or events all add up to a healthier state of wellbeing. Don’t disclude “you” from the power of gratitude. Make sure you properly thank yourself for your efforts and accomplishments. Yes, I made up disclude, but you get it.

Choose to be Happy

At the end of the day, happiness for all of us is a choice. People who have been through more horrible things than we can even begin to imagine, still maintain they are happy people. Why? Because they choose to be. This may not be the easiest of choices when you are under duress. But when you make it you feel that much closer to achieving it. Plus, choosing to be happy is much more effective to working towards having an amazing day than waking up choosing not to. There is good in the world. In fact, your gratitude list just proved it so focus on that.

Take each of these threads into consideration when determining how you live your life. How can they come alive to reinforce your wellbeing? Make these into real facets of your daily actions. Note the opportunities for change.