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As the world turns, we are so busy “doing” life we are not taking the time to determine how we would like to really live in a way that matters.  Going through the motions has no real substance. Yet, you can put in place some influential guardrails that keep you honest in living a life of authenticity. To live a beautiful life is beautiful indeed.

  1. Be a giver without obligation. You have certain gifts. Your presence on this earth is filled with purpose when you share your value with others. This becomes tainted if you leash your giving through attachments or expectations around getting something in return.
  2. Do what you say. Connections are built on trust. When your words are followed through by aligned actions, you are showing your trustworthiness. Plus, you are living in a way that is true to self. Here is where your personal brand promise shines.
  3. Stop with the distractions. Your life is happening now. Right in front of your eyes.  Don’t just pay attention, grab hold of every little detail to giving it complete texture. This is where the beauty lies. If you can master this skill, your life will take on a new depth.
  4. Be mindful of what you need. You want be able to live the life you want without the energy to make it happen. The reality is you need to focus on what fuels you to bring beauty and meaning to your life and those you care about.
  5. Don’t let worry rule your days (or nights). Listen, there is a difference between worrying and awareness. One is useless and the other useful. Note your concern, make plans accordingly and move on. Worry is an anchor worth cutting, but it takes practice and perspective. You will not live a beautiful life without this understanding.
  6. Breath in each moment. Appreciate what you have down to every inhale. You have this life. Enjoy what is around you with all your might. Feel the gratitude vibrating within. There is so much to draw from.

What you have is an opportunity to consciously create a life worth living. Life will pass you by without a thought, because you have given it no thought. Make incremental changes every day to build your very own authentic expression of your world.

There is no right or wrong here. You do the best you can to live a beautiful life. Some days you act in a way that is more true to self than others do. Be aware and keep trying. Your effort counts in the world and for yourself.

Take on these step-by-step plans to implement real change:




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