About the Founder

Over the past few decades, Shiloh Kelly has been on a journey to satisfy a life-long curiosity on how to live a meaningful life filled with joy.

From her own trials and tribulations, as well as during her support of others, she learned that while there were endless miles of advice, straightforward life tools were virtually non-existent. This epiphany mattered. This could create change.

From there, Shiloh dedicated herself to the research and creation of resources for people to mobilize themselves, navigate their world better and capture the life they desire starting on day one.

As a marketing executive to noted brands, Shiloh spent her career determining what to do to achieve a company’s missions. As she struggled to manage her own life, she began to wonder why her professional strategies couldn’t translate into the personal realm. Shiloh shares her aspiration to push the boundaries of support tools to make something real happen, something brilliant… for you and those around you. To achieve a better life by focusing on what matters to the individual. She calls the source Thrally.

Shiloh was born and raised in the high mesa desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The mountains of Denver captured her heart and soul for the last 25 years, providing a home to her core—her family—husband Richard and two inspiring daughters, Teagan and Fiona. She is lead by the incredible achievements of her parents, Sissy and Jake Kelly, and her spirited brother Trek Kelly. Shiloh’s wide community of friends and others seeking evolution enrich her world beyond expectation.