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Life is challenging.

By centering yourself using a simple daily well being practice, you create a solid space to generate happiness with staying power.
Gain the confidence to become the joyful person you were meant to be.

>Put your life in positive motion.


How are you doing?
Start by taking a critical breath to tune into self.
Ask yourself how you feel at this moment.
Select the hand icon that matches up.

(Icon lights up turquoise to confirm selection.)

>Don’t overthink, go with your gut.


Quadrant Check In
There are 4 quadrants of self.
Emotional, Mental, Physical & Spiritual
A vessel (glass) is used to represent each area.

(Tap the ^ on a quadrant to get insights or go to Tips here for more.)

Everything you are falls into these areas.


Level Check In
Your current overall well being is formed by your combined levels in each area. This is determined by what positives contribute to your glasses that day.

Think of these positives as pure white sand filling your cup…
where you are depleted there is opportunity to make change.

(Use your finger or the + & - signs to adjust your levels.)

>Finding your levels is fulfilling.


Do you choose to be happy?
Put yourself in the right frame of mind to have a good day.
Choosing to be happy instills your freedom of choice and accountability.

(Get rewarded when you choose happiness over and over again.)

>Faking it isn’t the goal, choosing to be joyful is.


Thrally Notes
Bring your renewed knowledge to life in healthy actions. Thrally point!
Take insightful notes here on your newfound knowledge,
and how you are going to change your day accordingly.

Your fullest glass is where you are the strongest.
Here you thrive.
Give to others and back to yourself from this quadrant.

Your lowest glass is where you are weakest.
Here you need to rally.
Refuel into here by choosing actions today that benefit this quadrant.

(The goal is to create energy and balance through wise actions.)

>Doing is where real change happens.


Gratitude List
Focus on the good around you big and small.
Use this moment to voice your gratitude.
Your spirits rise as your list lengthens.

(Go for 10 grateful items in your list each day.)

>Discover the good in your beautiful surroundings.


Insights Analytics
Peer at your well being from a unique overlook.
This offers a place for you to reflect and see trends.

(Select each sector to view individually or watch your average change in the grey dotted line.)

>Dig into your track records to gain enlightenment.

Share Practice

And the pièce de résistance… share widely.

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Want more? Take a look at Practice Tips.

Thrally forward!