happiness challenge

Your Shiny Happy Bubbles Happiness Challenge

Happiness is what we make of it. In fact, each person’s idea of happiness differs from the next. Which is why there is importance in taking the time to figure out what big, and small, things make you happy–that way … Read More

smile today

Today is Your Day to Smile

Today. There is something about today that seems fresher, brighter. There is a feeling in the air that anything is possible. Can you feel it? It’s all around you. Have you ever looked up the definition of today? Well, I did. Today … Read More

set your self free

Set Your Gentle Joyful Self Free

We are born pink into the world fresh un-jaded fully prepared to discover without opinions or protection. We begin to transform as life unfolds. Sadly, not always for the better. Even though this happens to most of us, it doesn’t stand … Read More


Face Forward. Fight Sickness.

Ever consider why riding backwards feels uncomfortable? As a living being you are moving forward, because life moves on. This forward motion is something you cannot stop. Which is why when you do not face forward your system revolts. … Read More

find your second wind

Invoke your Second Wind

You’ve felt it. That moment when you feel yourself shutting down. There is nothing left to give. Exhaustion is setting in. But, if you dig a little deeper you just might unleash your second wind. Say thank you to your … Read More

fear of failure

Fear of Failing is Your only Failure

Failure is a bad word. We avoid it like the plague. Even the thought of it makes us cringe. This may surprise you, but all of this is the wrong reaction. Falling short of an objective is not a failure. It’s … Read More

introspection sets you free

Lack of Introspection is Self Inflicted

Our beings are used to constant stimulation. Everything around us is conditioning various aspects of self to be on constant alert. Sounds exhausting, because it is–literally, exhausting us– that is. What you may not realize is that all this stimulation becomes … Read More


Stress is Good for You

“Stress will kill you” adage is wrong. But your belief in that statement can. Don’t look at stress as a problem. Flip your view to that of possibility. … Read More

change negative thoughts

Positively Put the Spin on Negative Thoughts

When a negative thought pops in your head what do you do? Do you push it aside replacing it with a positive one? Or, are you like most people who run yourself through a spin cycle? If you are great at … Read More

hitting goals

Some Day vs One Day -OR-

There is a big difference between saying to yourself “one day” or “some day.” If you want to do or accomplish something don’t let semantics keep you down. Believe it or not how you phrase things impacts your ability to … Read More