do good

Our Moral Guidance System to Do Good

“If I do good I feel good, If I do bad I feel bad. And that is my religion.” – Abraham Lincoln Each of us has something within us that guides our actions. The moment we do something we can feel … Read More

tune into your wellbeing

Sometimes Enough has to be Enough

There are times in life that we know are going to push us to our limits. They are sure to drain us in one way or another, but we can’t side step them. We just have to buck up. That’s … Read More

new year's resolution template

92% of Resolutions Never Resolve Themselves

Millions wait for the popular New Year’s mark to make profound resolutions. Declaring to themselves and those around them that this year will be different. Yet, there are some inherent issues with this approach you should be aware of and a template to … Read More

fear of failure

Fear of Failing is Your only Failure

Failure is a bad word. We avoid it like the plague. Even the thought of it makes us cringe. This may surprise you, but all of this is the wrong reaction. Falling short of an objective is not a failure. It’s … Read More

when the spirit moves you

When the Spirit Moves You Motivation

Isn’t it amazing that some things we want in life come so easily while others feel like we are crawling burning coals? There is power in sayings that have weathered the times, and one in particular strikes a cord when … Read More

String together Moments of Conscious Awakening

There are a cascade of moments raining through our day that we needlessly shred into minuscule micro-moments. This is a travesty for our good moments. When we do this we leave their beauty without enough substantial detail to give them the proper weight to … Read More

hitting goals

Some Day vs One Day -OR-

There is a big difference between saying to yourself “one day” or “some day.” If you want to do or accomplish something don’t let semantics keep you down. Believe it or not how you phrase things impacts your ability to … Read More