Positives of Loss

Lessons from the Trees: Positives of Living with Loss

Fall signifies change. Why not make it one of personal transformation? Lessons from the trees teach you how to protect your wellbeing. … Read More

two words sabotage wellbeing

What two words sabotage your wellbeing?

Believe it or not, my husband and I made up a new word the other day. It’s “inhibling”. Basically, inhibling means when something enables poor behavior and inhibits positive growth. The reason why we found a need to create this new, … Read More

happiness challenge

Your Shiny Happy Bubbles Happiness Challenge

Happiness is what we make of it. In fact, each person’s idea of happiness differs from the next. Which is why there is importance in taking the time to figure out what big, and small, things make you happy–that way … Read More

My 2017 New Year’s Resolution Worksheet

People have various thoughts around New Year’s Resolutions value or lack there of. I guess I look at it as a perfect opportunity to reflect and reset. To do this in an organized manner that can be used as way … Read More

feel safe again

7 Tenets to Feel Safe

When you don’t feel safe, there are ways to tune into that feeling and take action to change your state to one of confidence. This is another direct contributor to heightening your well being. … Read More

good conversation tips

Nothing Interesting to Say? Good Conversation Takes Effort.

We’ve all been there. Awkward moments in conversation. Uncomfortable to say the least. Good conversation tips will keep the banter going in meaningful ways. … Read More

summer solstice

Get Your Summer Solstice Glow On

Yep, today is the summer solstice. It may happen every year, but this year has a full moon called the Strawberry Moon that won’t happen again on this day until 2094. We will be under constant celestial light for both day and night hours. Special times call for special measures. With all this light surrounding you, what a perfect time to remind yourself to focus on the light within. … Read More

good day

A Good Day List to Make Your Day

Are you having a bad day, or is a bad day having you? Good question. There are some days that seem to eat you alive. At every turn, you seem to make a wrong turn. You know that when you throw up your … Read More

best mantras

24 Magnificent Mantras to Make Your Own

Mantras are powerful tools for transformation, because they provide hope and focus in one fail swoop. This good list of mantras may light a spark in you. … Read More

do good

Our Moral Guidance System to Do Good

“If I do good I feel good, If I do bad I feel bad. And that is my religion.” – Abraham Lincoln Each of us has something within us that guides our actions. The moment we do something we can feel … Read More