Pain Tolerance Is Personal

Your feelings are, just that, your feelings. No one has the right to tell you they are wrong or mis-guided. Be careful of people who say, “You shouldn’t feel that way.” I’m guessing you heard this before, but have you ever … Read More

fall change

Why should you embrace Fall change?

Why should you embrace Fall change? Autumn is here. What does that mean to you? Crunching leaves under foot, the smell of cinnamon floating in the air, sunlight filtering through golden trees, warm scarves draped around our necks in anticipation of … Read More

summer solstice

Get Your Summer Solstice Glow On

Yep, today is the summer solstice. It may happen every year, but this year has a full moon called the Strawberry Moon that won’t happen again on this day until 2094. We will be under constant celestial light for both day and night hours. Special times call for special measures. With all this light surrounding you, what a perfect time to remind yourself to focus on the light within. … Read More

why celebrate

Hit Pause to Celebrate

Life seems to churn by. We roll with it. We do stuff. And move on to the next stuff. What is it all for? What is the point of doing if we are not being in the moment? There is … Read More

good day

A Good Day List to Make Your Day

Are you having a bad day, or is a bad day having you? Good question. There are some days that seem to eat you alive. At every turn, you seem to make a wrong turn. You know that when you throw up your … Read More

find your genius

Live in Genius

Live in Genius Have you noticed there are times you’re so busy you don’t realize a critical aspect of your own being is dangerously off track? Learn to live in genius instead. Let me illustrate. You have a huge project … Read More

Perfectionist Apocalypse

When is good “good” enough? For a perfectionist the answer may be never. Even if they decide to walk away or move beyond in the back of their minds they are still thinking about how the item could be tweaked … Read More

be authentic

6 Ways to Live a Beautiful Life

As the world turns, we are so busy “doing” life we are not taking the time to determine how we would like to really live in a way that matters.  Going through the motions has no real substance. Yet, you can … Read More

give to others

Get a Green Light to Give to Others

Giving is a beautiful part of life. But sometimes our ability to give to others should be looked at with extra care. Why? Because in this world there are givers and takers, then something in between. As unhealthy relationships unfold they … Read More

find your second wind

Invoke your Second Wind

You’ve felt it. That moment when you feel yourself shutting down. There is nothing left to give. Exhaustion is setting in. But, if you dig a little deeper you just might unleash your second wind. Say thank you to your … Read More