Make Today Your Day, Not A Lost Yesterday

Be an active participant in your life. Today is the beginning. Endings happen to make room for new opportunities. No matter which today you envisioned, this day is yours to make of it what you will. So, I ask you: … Read More

feel safe again

7 Tenets to Feel Safe

When you don’t feel safe, there are ways to tune into that feeling and take action to change your state to one of confidence. This is another direct contributor to heightening your well being. … Read More

Perfectionist Apocalypse

When is good “good” enough? For a perfectionist the answer may be never. Even if they decide to walk away or move beyond in the back of their minds they are still thinking about how the item could be tweaked … Read More


At the Heart of Gratefulness

Quite simply at the heart of gratefulness is you. This gem is hidden within your ability to change your perspective. Perspective is your superpower for thankfulness. When looking at the world you gain perspective by shifting your vantage point over … Read More