Face Forward. Fight Sickness.

face forward.jpgEver consider why riding backwards feels uncomfortable?

As a living being you are moving forward, because life moves on. This forward motion is something you cannot stop. Which is why when you do not face forward your system revolts.

When “how you are moving” and “how you are oriented” do not match up, the signals conflict, causing a confused state. The side effects are very similar to those of motion sickness. You may feel oddly tired, off balance or even sick to your stomach. That discomfort is an important part of your natural instincts alerting you that your immediate surroundings have value you are missing out on. Your well being is being threatened.

Anxiety, worry, and dwelling on the past are tied distinctly to focusing on what is behind you. These disorders literally can make you sick. They also prime your body to be reaction mode not action mode. Meaning you are giving up on being in charge or in control of your life in small or large ways. You cannot adjust yourself effectively when driving while looking through the rearview mirror. That is dangerous. By facing the “right way” you feel safer. Plus, you are positioned for progress.

By looking ahead you sharpen your ability to prepare for bumps, turns and twists that are bound to happen during your journey. Being able to predict what is coming up lessens your disorientation and stress, while raising reliance. Best of all through this engaged level of mindfulness, you gain confidence and happiness to enjoy the ride. <3




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