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Happiness is what we make of it. In fact, each person’s idea of happiness differs from the next. Which is why there is importance in taking the time to figure out what big, and small, things make you happy–that way you can tune into them, expand their reach and create more. Think of each happy item you create as a shiny happy bubble. Hence the more you create, the more they fill your world, lifting you up into that fizzy happy space. Now bring on that happiness challenge.

Here is a rewarding week-short happiness challenge for you that will enrich your life for the rest of your life. By the way, it is fun too to do with either your tribe, family or both. An added bonus of this challenge is that being happy makes you healthier.

5 Steps to Your Happiness Challenge

STEP 1: Go to the notes section on your phone and make a new one called My Shiny Happy Bubbles.

STEP 2: On the first day of the happiness challenge take a few minutes when you wake up, after lunch and then before you go to sleep to record everything you believe brings happiness into your life.

STEP 3: Over the next four days, every time something happens that has you feeling a bit of joy, crack a smile, bust out in laughter, or just plain makes you happy write it down. Be as specific as possible. Try and capture the moment right away.

STEP 4: During your second to last day reflect on your compiled list. Look for overlaps and common threads. Reflection helps you take in the learning.

STEP 5: Your last day of this challenge marks the beginning of your path to recognize and create a continuous flow of happiness bubbles. In addition, your intent is to choose to be happy and choose to be present in the joy bubbling up throughout your day.

Don’t worry, you will go off trail from time to time in your renewed quest to free Shiny happy bubblesyour happiness. What I recommend doing is building in gentle reminders to keep you on track. Let me share some from my happiness challenge to help you get the picture.

Shiloh’s Shinny Happy Bubbles List

#1. Orange is my happy color. Therefore my toenails are always painted orange.

2. The sound of chirping birds in the morning makes me wake up in a hope-filled mindset. All I have to do is turn on my relax sound app to get me going.

3. Planting flowers on Mother’s Day with my girls is a memory that makes me smile. So my phone screensaver is a picture of us together gardening with tiny shovels in hand.

4. Lavender scents calm my mind and brighten my spirits. Therefore I keep a spray in my car, a candle by my bed and sometimes lather on lavender lotion.

5. My husband is a wonderfully giving man. All I need to do is think of how grateful I am for the latest “something” he did to bring a smile to my face.

6. Music brings beats of joy throughout the world. In my car I also have a favorite happy songs playlist ready to roll. A gift for you below.

7. Future travel thoughts make me look forward to days to come. So I keep books around on the places I plan to go.

8. The outdoors brings me great happiness. Which means, making a point to step outside regularly is a must for me. I take my tea in the morning on the patio, walk my dog through the hills, and eat on restaurant decks whenever possible.

9. Being a good mother is at the core of my being. Simply making a wonderful lunch for my children to bring happiness and sustenance to their day has become an important part of my day.

10. Getting a workout in centers me. On Sundays I schedule my entire week of workouts at my local yoga/spin studio. Because I have those set it ensures I make time to exercise. Plus, I get my yummy exercise brain juices stirred up.

11. Finally, the power of pets and petting increases compassion and lowers stress. Last year, I got a puppy whose wagging tail reminds me of what on-going happiness looks like.

There are of course a lot more of these joyful elements that are woven throughout my day, but these are some of my favorite which I thought you might enjoy. Hopefully, they spark some of your own ideas you can begin implementing immediately. This event coupled with how it will make you feel will create real change.

Can’t wait to see how this changes your world!

Share your Thrallier Shiny Happy Bubbles list on your Facebook page and link back to our Thrally tribe–so we can see the spread of these bubbles of happiness.  Which means you should schedule this Happiness Challenge on your calendar to start this Monday and invite your friends.


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