Positives of Loss

Here we are with leaves beginning to fall overhead. As coolness settles in, there is definitely change in the autumn air. I wonder how this time of year affects you? Maybe, there is a notable feeling of loss that you can’t quite put your finger on.

For me, I feel the turbulent emotions of those around me in a state of windblown discomfort. Uncertainty prevails. What I want to give to you is a shift in your perspective around loss. To see if it might serve you. My hope is that you will implement loss in your life by choice. Welcoming in the surrender with confidence instead of fear.

As with most things, many of the answers we seek lie in nature itself. And I figure why not learn something interesting about autumn along the way.

fall brings changeWhy trees shed their leaves? Their story of loss.

Now, take a walk with me through the crisp colors released from the autumn trees. Nothing is immune to the stunning golds, reds, burnt orange, and purple greens surrounding you. Life as we know it goes into a hibernating stall as we tumble forward into fall.

This change is not easy for our leafy friends. As cold weather creeps in, water is locked away frozen into crystals and the comforting nuzzle of sunlight begins to fade. Which means conserving energy becomes a must. Trees must literally let things go in order to survive. If they did not actively push leaves off their branches, trees would become susceptible to damage inhibiting their ability to make it through the inevitable winter.

Luckily, trees don’t have our busy minds. They don’t waffle around their choice to part with their beautiful leaves. They don’t ruminate incessantly over their loss. They are blessed to be able to do what’s necessary, not only for their survival but also for their future growth.

I can’t help but imagine how much simpler our lives would be if we knew that each year we’d go through a period of loss and life-threatening weathering only to know there is purpose to it all. That transformation lies just on the other side. If we remain patient. If we believe. If we let go of what will harm us no matter how attached we are to this thing we feel is an instrumental part of our identity. Or, is it?

  • Does that specific job you’re chained to day-in and day-out reflect who you really are?
  • Does giving into that acquaintance to waste your Sunday eating festival food worth it?
  • Does couch surfing on six Netflix episodes in one night help you reach your next personal goal?

More importantly, in this season of change, I ask you, “Can you surrender the current image of yourself in order to make choices that embody your values fully?”

Is your answer…          Yes?     No?      Or, what the heck, I’ll give it a try?The choice is yours.

Lots of questions I know. But, you have the answer. Change your perspective on loss. See its inherent value. Yell into the storm, “Bring it on!”

I won’t sugarcoat this transformation. It won’t be comfortable. It won’t be without loss. But, it will be worth it! Letting go of what does not serve you allows you to grow and become a better representation of your true self. Sounds to me like freedom and wisdom found in one, big, beautiful pile of leaves ready to be gleefully lept into.

Remember, loss is a vital part of any healthy ecosystem. Whether it’s exhibited out in nature or within ourselves. We can’t ignore it. We dare not inhibit it. Be darned, your wellbeing is counting on it. Besides, better to embrace the gift of loss with arms wide and a smile even wider.

Gratitude to the vitality of the trees!


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