control perspective

Let Go of Controlling Everything
control perspective

A key perspective to nurture when creating a happy life is not trying to control the uncontrollable. No one can control it all. Put your energy on things you can control. Don’t waste the limited resources you have on things you can’t possibly effect.

Learn to center you sights on what you can influence:
  • What you DO in the world
  • How you REACT to the world

Look at it this way…


If you don’t like the wind figure out a way to find joy in its gusts. Like flying a kite. Let the things you can’t control go. When you drop that anchor you become much lighter. Freed up to do whatever you put your mind to.

3 DAY THRALLY ACTIVITY (great for kids, too)

  1. Put two columns on a sheet of paper. Write at the top ‘Things I can control’ on one side & ‘Things I cannot control’ on the other.
  2. Each day add 3 things to each side of your list.
  3. Review the list with a friend or family member to get some perspective.
  4. Check your list in the morning. Focus the rest of the day on not putting energy towards only on what you can.
  5. At the end of the day, discuss with friends or family how successful you were.

Controlling everything is inhuman. Embrace your humanity by recognizing you will benefit yourself and others more by making a real impact where it matters. It is incredibly zen to go with the flow.





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