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Have you noticed there are times you’re so busy you don’t realize a critical aspect of your own being is dangerously off track? Learn to live in genius instead.

Let me illustrate.

You have a huge project on your plate. It’s right up your alley. As you are moving through it with extreme prowess, you find yourself in the zone. The world quiets. The work flows through you. And then when you finally pick your head up, you find you haven’t blinked, eaten, drank any water, stretched, showered nor moved in hours. Yet, you don’t feel exhausted, but rather strangely energized.

find your geniusOn a good note, the energy you created through this activity, driven primarily from your mental quadrant, is fueling your emotional and spiritual well being quadrants. You feel accomplished, positive and downright happy. Wahoooo! You found out how to live in genius.

On the flip side, your body is aching. Is that a sore throat coming on? Boy, is that eye twitch getting annoying. And when you bend over to pick up a pen your back seizes up again. Your physical aspect of your “self” is in a state suffering.

Being in the zone is a beautiful thing. It is where the genius of great successes lives. We don’t want to interrupt this place, however maybe we can bring some awareness and, better yet, be a bit proactive in our preplanning to set our entire being up for this gift effectively.

When you seek out ways to live in genius you quickly find the point of checking in on your well being. By doing this practice you quickly begin to uncover what experiences affect your various quadrants of self differently. Some strengthen aspects of you, while others drain. By taking specific actions to bolster an area prior to a known depleting event, you are able to retain your resilience to regain balance quicker. Thus protecting you from a detrimental state that can cascade into all your quadrants negatively.

When you protect your well being you are strengthening your self to take on other wonderful life events that bring you to a place of meaning. Next time you have a big or small circumstance heading your direction, take a deep breath and invoke your genius.

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