Be an active participant in your life.

Today is the beginning. Endings happen to make room for new opportunities. No matter which today you envisioned, this day is yours to make of it what you will. So, I ask you:

What do you need today?

If you need laughter, BE LAUGHTER.
If you need love, BE LOVE.
If you need strength, BE STRENGTH.
If you need safety, BE SAFETY.
If you need kindness, BE KINDNESS.

Ask not what the world can give to you, but what you can bring to the world to make it a brighter place. Above all, by shining from within, by starting with you, you will make today a day like no other. Who you are and the actions you take reflect upon this day.

Once you choose what you need, make a simple plan on how to live your choice. For example, if you decide having laughter in your day sounds good to you, then choose actions that make that possible. Let’s try this out.

7 Ways to Bring on Laughter

  1. Start with a smile. In light of the fact that smiles are contagious and a smile’s health benefits have a nice stress reduction ingredient to them. How can you go wrong?
  2. Share a funny memory. When you remember details of something that made you chuckle that past joy floods back into you.
  3. Crack yourself up. Moreover, be goofy. Act silly. Slide across the floors in your socks. Throw on a funny outfit. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then–well–ya know.
  4. Listen to one of the best belly laughs. The hysterical giggle of the Dali Lama is sure to get you going. I once convinced a good friend of mine to make it her ringtone. 🙂
  5. Set up a game night. Get a small group of close friends/family together for a bit of fun. Pictionary, Taboo (you’ll want to see this link), or you also might like What do you Meme?, which are some favorites.
  6. Joke it up. Text your funniest joke to a group of your funniest friends. Then ask for one in return because one hopefully will catch you. Try this on for size, “What did the fish say when it ran into the wall?” … “Damn.”
  7. Make a date to meditate. Schedule some laughter meditation time. With this in mind, try this solid resource to get you going; Laughter Meditation How to.

Can you see how if you plan the right actions anything in your day can be possible? Why live in constant uncertainty? Why exhaust yourself fruitlessly trying to control the uncontrollable elements outside of self? Make what you “need” happen in real life.

Immediate Daily Happiness Returns

This is not a simple task. But, practice makes perfect. What you seek to accomplish takes accountability, responsibility, and dedication. This is because this is your work. You cannot put it on another. Don’t waste this gift. The fact that each day you get another chance to be what you need… is the beautiful part of life. Your journey to self-fulfillment is born again each day with you. After all, your efforts will prove their worth within a day’s time.

😎 Welcome to your day! Today you begin.

Additionally, share what you need today to make it your day in our comments below. Can’t wait to see what you do with your first consciously chosen TODAY.


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