There are a cascade of moments raining through our day that we needlessly shred into minuscule micro-moments. This is a travesty for our good moments. When we do this we leave their beauty without enough substantial detail to give them the proper weight to have real, sticky meaning in our lives.

We tend to see something of worth, such as a luminescent sunrise, which we say “wow that’s great” maybe snap a photo from our phone only to look at it later lamenting the fact it didn’t quite capture the color as vivid as it was. So we take a few more precious moments to use the photoshop app to make it closer to reality to make it worthy of being posted to our friends. We want to share the beauty with them we saw this morning, or shall we say almost saw.

How ironic is this?

How about instead consciously…

Seeing a beautiful sunrise. Stopping to watch how the colors move and change as the sun takes hold of the sky. Calling out for your daughter to hurry to join its procession. Stepping outside together to feel the crisp air awaken us further and hear the birds joy welcome the day. You point up each seeing their favorite flash of orange and pink. Then quiet falls as the last shades leave the cloud edges. You return inside sharing the experience in your hearts to warm the rest of your day.

We are all guilty, at one time or another, of this “loss of life” which sadly occurs in the very moments unfolding right in front of us. Or maybe instead we decide put in the effort to awaken more within each moment. Taking that breath to slow ourselves bringing our mind to full focus, allowing us to sink deeper into the moment only to realize it’s layers of detail and worth to our day.

As we carefully string together these living and breathing flashes of time, we begin to build a life filled of beauty. By slowing time within the moments that bring us joy, we create a more joyful life. Joy-filled minutes fuel us spreading tendrils of energy throughout our entire being. You know you are living life as you should be, authentically with purpose, when you are here.

Typically, most of us  find tasks of annoyance or times of pain to stretch on endlessly. We spend too much of ourselves here. A tragedy that leads a wake of negativity behind us. These occurrences also drain our energy leaving us lethargic and sometimes even feeling ill.

Next time you catch a glimpse of a potential awing moment, take a slow breath and look deeper into its fabric to discover it further and make it your own. Make your goal to unconsciously reach for this “pause” instead of your phone. Then settle into the consciousness it brings you. Even if it is just one moment, it is one more than you had before. This becomes additive as you begin to master its full expression.

Now you are living!

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