r&r thanksgiving

Hard to think about getting any R&R (rest and recuperation) with Thanksgiving in full swing. Your list of todos and commitments is a mile long. Which is exactly why you need a taste of R&R, but a different sort. One that is realistic to obtain.

How about recognition and release R&R?

This is actually an extremely effective meditation technique that can be used at any point in your day. One of the main reasons holidays are stressful is because we put a lot of weight and tie too many expectations to the event itself. What happens is your day is inevitably derailed by interruptions of pressure or annoyance. You and everyone around you would be better off celebrating the slices of joy found in the overall experience.

Here is how the recognition and release technique works. If there is a turkey baking mishap or any family drama that you find yourself sweating over, acknowledge it for what it is (breath in that recognition) and then let it go (breath out that release)… replacing whatever it is with a span of heartfelt gratitude for what is good.

This perspective gives new meaning to the idea of some much needed R&R. The best metaphor to describe this is “snap the rubber band”. Literally change your state to a more positive one by snapping your attention before any negatives pollute your festivities. There are many ways to live a beautiful life you just have to tune in to them.

The holidays offer a cornucopia of experiences. Luckily, we are thinking beings with the inherent ability to direct how we choose to relate to those experiences. Why not serve up an extra serving of joy this Thanksgiving? Gobble gobble.


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