why celebrate

why celebrateLife seems to churn by. We roll with it. We do stuff. And move on to the next stuff. What is it all for? What is the point of doing if we are not being in the moment? There is no better way to breath it all in, in all its glory, than pausing along the way for large and micro celebrations.

You are achieving with every step you take. How amazing is it that you made it through that long meeting–that you guided your daughter through another rough spot–that you were able to recognize the beauty in the sunset?  Your ability to navigate your world the way you do is amazing. So…


Celebrations represent incredible aspects of life. They energize you when you take part in them. Think back to the last celebration you had. It probably was tied to a holiday more than likely. We shouldn’t wait for the scheduled moment to mark our point of celebration. Let’s breakout into a happy dance when we feel like it, and grab the hands of those around us to share in the joy. Be infectious.

Tomorrow, tune into your day as it flows by and stop to take it all in thanking yourself for your latest achievement no matter how small.  You’ll love the positive that surges through you. Thrally!


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