set your self free

We are born pink into the world fresh un-jaded fully prepared to discover without opinions or protection. We begin to transform as life unfolds. Sadly, not always for the better. Even though this happens to most of us, it doesn’t stand true for all of us. I’m sure you’ve run into individuals who seem to have found the fountain of youth. They overflow with happiness and brim with positive wellbeing.

set your self free

Have you seen those people?

Those who look at life with an infectious glimmer in their eye that speaks of a secret internal joy fueling their excitement?

Ever wonder where they got it from?

You already know the where. But what you may not know is the how.

The where–is the gooey center inside all of us. It was always there. It’s our true self that’s been hidden away calloused by difficult run-ins. You may think you are protecting it from the harshness of the world, squirreled away, saved for some more appropriate time. When really the beautiful “you” is quietly waiting for… what exactly again? Nothing. That’s the point. Your core deserves to be ever present. 

Some say this transformation back to our natural state is about rediscovering our inner child. I don’t disagree but it is not just about finding our youthful spirit. It is also about chipping off that hard exterior we’ve constructed around us during hard timesIt is about releasing the baggage of bias we’ve picked up along the way when we think we’ve learned what life and those around us are all about.

The how– is finding what sets that you free, releasing those unhealthy anchors, while at the same time nurturing your innate ability to let the bad wash over you without allowing it to stick to your being. 

By learning what fires up your core you generate unfettered joy. The reward that comes from such a discovery acts as a renewable energy keeping you going and allowing you to burn brighter than imaginable. Your creative self lives here. Positive innovation abounds. Doors open where they should–welcoming your true self to be all you were meant to be. As much as heating you from the inside out is critical, you won’t go far enough without doing the hard work on your exterior shell. 

Your inner core is easier because it’s been there all along waiting to be unleashed while your exterior core is not a real part of you. You allowed it to build up like a cavity threatening to decay your layers of self. Which is exactly why there is no better time than now to carefully peal back those scales covering your being. Allow your authentic light to shine bright from the inside out. This starts by recognizing a few things.

Our brains were built with certain safe guards and short cuts that allow us to not only increase survival but also our ability to reason quickly and effectively. In the beginning, we needed to be able to remember that predators typically laid in wait at watering holes so we could instill care reinforcing our ability to stay safe. It also tells us all lions are dangerous; a useful judgement. Our lizard brain doesn’t realize that circumstances such as these are a rarity today, but it still likes to hunt down the fear in a situation feeding your mind and body with a destructive helping of worry and bias.

Another issue is, our higher functioning brain constantly comes up with ways to innovate. Sounds good. “Hey that rock is rolling down hill maybe that can be adjusted into the form of the wheel to help me.” You may begin to think that with good ideas like these controlling anything around you is possible. Hmmmm, is it? You need to discern when this sort of thinking is useful as well as when it’s wasteful. Is it fueling you or sapping energy?

These traits are hardwired into us to make us stronger. They weren’t meant to make us harder. Luckily we are”thinking” human beings. Which means, we can benefit greatly by using our reasoning in an important way. How about to find that pink glowing skin, our open tender hearts, and the reignite our ability to see something for what it is without clouding reality with our pre-imposed judgement?

By doing this, we give ourselves the space to see the world around us with clear perspective removed of obstacles and free of negative attachments. We can freely connect with others in a real way allowing them to be who they are without these issues. Plus, we rediscover our innocence allowing our rosy selves to take center stage in all experiences and with all people we find along this beautiful new path.

Let’s recap how to set free your gentle joyful self:

  1. Each day figure out what fires up your inner light.
  2. Release that which does not promote your wellbeing.
  3. Don’t try to control everything outside of self.
  4. Engage our brain to let go of judgement.
  5. Give your heart wings to find compassionate gratitude.
  6. Inspire peace of mind.

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