why celebrate

Hit Pause to Celebrate

Life seems to churn by. We roll with it. We do stuff. And move on to the next stuff. What is it all for? What is the point of doing if we are not being in the moment? There is … Read More

be authentic

6 Ways to Live a Beautiful Life

As the world turns, we are so busy “doing” life we are not taking the time to determine how we would like to really live in a way that matters.  Going through the motions has no real substance. Yet, you can … Read More

we all have limits

We All Have Our Limits

To be competitive you must give more. Right? The best coaches push their players to give 110% to secure the win. What’s important to realize is that even on your best days giving 100% may not possible. That does not mean you … Read More

when the spirit moves you

When the Spirit Moves You Motivation

Isn’t it amazing that some things we want in life come so easily while others feel like we are crawling burning coals? There is power in sayings that have weathered the times, and one in particular strikes a cord when … Read More