r&r thanksgiving

Need R&R During Stressful Holidays?

Hard to think about getting any R&R (rest and recuperation) with Thanksgiving in full swing. Your list of todos and commitments is a mile long. Which is exactly why you need a taste of R&R, but a different sort. One that … Read More

do good

Our Moral Guidance System to Do Good

“If I do good I feel good, If I do bad I feel bad. And that is my religion.” – Abraham Lincoln Each of us has something within us that guides our actions. The moment we do something we can feel … Read More

fear of failure

Fear of Failing is Your only Failure

Failure is a bad word. We avoid it like the plague. Even the thought of it makes us cringe. This may surprise you, but all of this is the wrong reaction. Falling short of an objective is not a failure. It’s … Read More