Pain Tolerance Is Personal

Your feelings are, just that, your feelings. No one has the right to tell you they are wrong or mis-guided. Be careful of people who say, “You shouldn’t feel that way.” I’m guessing you heard this before, but have you ever … Read More

fall change

Why should you embrace Fall change?

Why should you embrace Fall change? Autumn is here. What does that mean to you? Crunching leaves under foot, the smell of cinnamon floating in the air, sunlight filtering through golden trees, warm scarves draped around our necks in anticipation of … Read More

summer solstice

Get Your Summer Solstice Glow On

Yep, today is the summer solstice. It may happen every year, but this year has a full moon called the Strawberry Moon that won’t happen again on this day until 2094. We will be under constant celestial light for both day and night hours. Special times call for special measures. With all this light surrounding you, what a perfect time to remind yourself to focus on the light within. … Read More

tune into your wellbeing

Sometimes Enough has to be Enough

There are times in life that we know are going to push us to our limits. They are sure to drain us in one way or another, but we can’t side step them. We just have to buck up. That’s … Read More

peace begins with you

Peace Begins Within You

By recognizing that inner peace lives within each of us, we are better able to weather the storms ahead. … Read More

control perspective

Let Go of Controlling Everything

You are a person who tries to do it all. Valiant, yet are you focusing in the right places. Controlling everything is never the answer. Find out what is. … Read More