Positives of Loss

Lessons from the Trees: Positives of Living with Loss

Fall signifies change. Why not make it one of personal transformation? Lessons from the trees teach you how to protect your wellbeing. … Read More

two words sabotage wellbeing

What two words sabotage your wellbeing?

Believe it or not, my husband and I made up a new word the other day. It’s “inhibling”. Basically, inhibling means when something enables poor behavior and inhibits positive growth. The reason why we found a need to create this new, … Read More

forever changing

What Comes Next is Forever Changing

Certain presences enter your life awakening you to what comes next. You wouldn’t be prepared for the changing landscape ahead without them. These come in the form of people, events, epiphanies, or simply an instance where a space in the clouds … Read More

smile today

Today is Your Day to Smile

Today. There is something about today that seems fresher, brighter. There is a feeling in the air that anything is possible. Can you feel it? It’s all around you. Have you ever looked up the definition of today? Well, I did. Today … Read More

set your self free

Set Your Gentle Joyful Self Free

We are born pink into the world fresh un-jaded fully prepared to discover without opinions or protection. We begin to transform as life unfolds. Sadly, not always for the better. Even though this happens to most of us, it doesn’t stand … Read More

off the wagon wellbeing

When Your Wellbeing goes off the Wagon

Getting your wellbeing on the right track takes daily focus. As we know it can easily go off track. Here’s a simple lesson that may surprise you. … Read More

giving poorly

Giving Until it Hurts Doesn’t Work

Giving is one of the greatest aspects of life. Our humanitarian side provides value to our own beings and those that surround us. Yet, this is not a perfect construct. Givers can give so much that it is to their … Read More

face emotions wheel

Nailing the Colors of your Emotions

When science struggles with defining emotions, there isn’t any big surprise we can’t nail down our feelings either. What’s hard is that emotions not only happen to us, they also are what help us communicate and connect with others. There are … Read More

change negative thoughts

Positively Put the Spin on Negative Thoughts

When a negative thought pops in your head what do you do? Do you push it aside replacing it with a positive one? Or, are you like most people who run yourself through a spin cycle? If you are great at … Read More

morning carrot

Get your Morning Carrot

As your day begins what thoughts first fill your head typically get most of your waking energy. These thoughts set the tone for your day. Important, right? When you manage these thoughts by focusing on what fuels you, you get an … Read More