we all have limits

To be competitive you must give more. Right? The best coaches push their players to give 110% to secure the win. What’s important to realize is that even on your best days giving 100% may not possible. That does not mean you don’t put forth your best effort, because you should. But, you do need a thimble of fuel left to help you refuel so you can continue to give.

Your optimal level of performance is based solely on you. You are not entirely super human. You have limits. It’s not for anyone else to judge, and you free yourself greatly if you do not judge yourself either. Sadly, being overcritical of one’s self comes all too naturally.

The reality is sometimes you only have so much energy available. Giving 70% may still provide an edge over those around you, because all they have or are willing to put forward is 68%. If you have difficulty feeling adequate when you are not giving your all, there are some effective steps one can take to make this state of healthy boundaries more comfortable.

Take 3 Steps to Eliminate Limits

Gain clarity around your levels by making time to tune in.  >>>>By allocating a few precious minutes to take an inventory of your well being, you obtain insights required to identify your current state.

Once you have this understanding then you need to approach your day accordingly. >>>>Meaning you can’t pour yourself out without feeling the repercussions. Instead actively seek ways to refuel those areas that are depleted for a better tomorrow.

Give yourself permission to not overextend yourself. >>>>You’d be surprised how good it feels to say to yourself, “Today, I will relax the reigns a little and enjoy going with the flow.” Let go of control.

When you first put these simple steps around forming limits into practice they may feel uncomfortable. Most likely you may get an itchy sensation like you want to crawl out of your skin. Ironically, you are stretching yourself in a different way to expand who you are. Being at peace in moments of calm takes a certain skill; especially in this rat race we call life.

The truth is setting limits is healthy not only in relationships with others, but also in your relationship with yourself. Cultivating this relationship with “self” builds an internal furnace allowing you to not just survive in life for the short-term but thrive for the long-term.

There may be times where you have to give more than feels right. These periods are critical when you need to dig deep to achieve major successes or deal with large obstacles. Walk in with eyes wide open knowing you’re consciously choosing to become depleted to handle what is at hand. Be equally repaired for some self-imposed rest to rebuild your resilience. Because, all of these highs and lows are temporary.Limits have their place. Being an active participant in how they occur is a clear benefit brought to you by living a mindful life.


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