A great place to make your life better is
by tuning into your wellbeing.

So What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is the realization of one’s own potential (purpose), ability to cope with normal life stresses (resilience), fruitful productivity (fulfillment), and community involvement (contribution). World Health Organization

Daily Practice: Start today.

Thrally Wellbeing Practice Benefits:

  • Better quality of life
  • More energy
  • Purer giving
  • Balance resilience
  • Positive mindset
  • Stronger relationships

How it works?

By using this daily life tool, you’ll understand not only what fuels your wellbeing, but how to use the energy you create to benefit yourself and others.

Picture your well being as 4 quadrants of self:



In each quadrant is a cup. Only positive experiences fill each cup.

Think of these precious moments as pure white sand.

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    When you are strong in an area of wellbeing, you are fulfilled. Fully fueled. Joyful. Confident.
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    When you are weak in an area of wellbeing, you are depleted. Less energy. Off kilter. Just plain off.


4 Cornerstones of Your Thrally Well Being Practice


Fill each quadrant’s cups with positive thoughts, ideas and events in your life. By focusing on the good in your life you literally create a daisy chain of happier memories. Not only will you feel happier, but when you look back you’ll remember a good life. Being positive puts you in a better place. This beneficial shift in wellbeing mindset makes you more resilient—able to bounce back from negative events. Besides a positive, healthy mindset acts energizes you to take on the day.


Many of you give until it hurts. When you are depleted in an area of self, then give further—you become unbalanced. This leads you to a feeling of emptiness and low self-worth. You cannot pour from an empty cup. If your cup is full in a quadrant, feel free to give to others without attachment. Also, give back to yourself to help your suffering quadrants recover. These corrective actions are integral right siding yourself…balancing your wellbeing.


Happiness is a choice. Many people who go through tough life events find a way to be happy people. Why? Because, they decide to. This isn’t easy when you are under pressure, yet when you “choose to be happy” you are one step closer to achieving an amazing day. There is good in the world – focus on that. It starts with you. Happiness is built from within. Your joy won’t last if you rely on elements outside of yourself to make you happy.


Express your gratitude for what surrounds you. Thankfulness reinforces your joyful self, further and acts as a bridge connecting you to the world outside. Big or small thoughts, actions and events all add up to a healthier state of your wellbeing. Don’t forget “you” in the gratitude equation. Properly thank yourself for your efforts and accomplishments, too. Creating a gratitude list is a powerful and proven activity to improve your life and well being.


Consider your highest and lowest quadrants. Ask yourself, “What actions can I take to right-side myself?”
From your strongest quadrant, your daily goal is to give.
⦁ Refuel self.
⦁ Help others.
⦁ Support the greater good.

From your weakest quadrant, your daily goal is to refill.
⦁ Replenish self.
⦁ Be cautious taking from here.
⦁ Receive from your stronger quadrants.

Imagine the balance in your wellbeing you will achieve. Thrally on!

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