When is good “good” enough? For a perfectionist the answer may be never. Even if they decide to walk away or move beyond in the back of their minds they are still thinking about how the item could be tweaked ever so slightly. Most are stuck in a negative feedback loop of constant rumination, or they actually never complete the endeavor, since not working on it is not an option. Either way that sense of accomplishment is elusive and tainted. Time to do what a perfectionist does best… fix it.

Being a perfectionist is nothing to brag about. Yes, you want to be your best do your best, but not to your detriment. Going through life without striving to be all you were meant to be is dismal. However, let’s be realistic. No one is perfect. Those that think they are miss out on one of the most beautiful aspects of life, personal transformation.

How drab life would be if there was no room for improvement. Growth is the elixir that drives you forward towards fulfillment. Otherwise, there is very little meaning in your existence. You need to do more than take up space as an empty vessel.

Grab hold of life in all its glorious imperfections. Anomaly is bursting beauty in itself. Novelty breaks up the monotonous. Awakens our minds and our senses. Ultimately, being the force that engages us into a world of enhanced texture.

Mistakes and missteps are a vital part of a rich life landscape. Leading us to unforeseen discoveries. Brilliance ignites from this space. Setting our lives aglow.

When you allow perfectionism to unseat achievement this is a loss that eats aggressively away at the precious time we have. So, next time you find yourself thinking “it’s just not good enough” or “it’s just not ready,” stop and take a reality check. Fear of failure has not place here. Most of the time what you are doing was done with 50% more thought than the four people next to you.

In fact, if you put in a strong effort and dedicated an appropriate amount of time, then finish it up. Move on. Maybe come back to it later once you have a bit of space and perspective. You might be surprised at what you see. What you discover is that, at the very least, you are further down the road and getting closer to your goal. From here you can build anything.


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