hitting goals

There is a big difference between saying to yourself “one day” or “some day.” If you want to do or accomplish something don’t let semantics keep you down.

Believe it or not how you phrase things impacts your ability to succeed. Your goal mindset is compromised or fueled by the words you choose.

Some day is too squishy. Open ended to the point that it will never happen. Dreaming feels nice but action takes you further.

One day is one step further. At least you are making more of a statement. You know you can do better.


How about by your next birthday, or better yet by this October 12th at 11 am? Being specific makes your brain start thinking of plans to complete the tasks at hand to get you where you want to go. You envision how to make it happen.

Set a date and go for it. What’s the worst that can happen? If you fail you have a wonderful opportunity to learn and try again. Practice makes perfect. PLUS by actively going after what you want you create momentum and are that much closer to fulfilling your purpose.

Why put your goals in the “when pigs fly” category, when you can make them soar with the right words?

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