smile today

There is something about today that seems fresher, brighter. There is a feeling in the air that anything is possible. Can you feel it? It’s all around you.

Have you ever looked up the definition of today? Well, I did. Today means this present day. Which is all we really have at this exact moment in time.

So what shall we do with it? How can we breath it all in? Filling ourselves up giving us the ever enlivened wings to do wonderful acts from now well into the future.

Yes, there it is. Your day is waiting patiently for you to decide its level of brilliance.

smile todayEvery day their are sparkles of joy right there in front of you. A simple smile makes them shine that much brighter, a bit of laughter sends them dancing, positive thoughts work magic, a touch of music electrifies them in the space surrounding you. Prickling your skin and energizing your core to do or just be.

Today is your day. What might you do with yours? Let’s start with that glorious smile.

What is a smile but an emotional response that may further influence your feelings. While controlling emotions proves difficult, controlling facial muscles tends to be easier. This is not to say a fake smile is all it’s cracked up to be; although ‘Does Smiling Make You Happy’ research does show it helps. But, a genuine toothy grin is worth the bit of time it takes to think of what makes you happy. For me, finding my smile each day can be as simple as picturing my children beaming away. A wonderful positive side affect is that smiles are infectious. So you smile at me, I smile at the person next to you and before you know it every where you look are cheshire cat faces and you can only help but deepen your grin. Widening that bliss.

When you take this chockfull of possibilities day given to you and take action within it to generate happiness you not only gain inner peace, because you know you did not waste it, but you also foster higher states of wellbeing that benefit you from today on into the next.



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