Quite simply at the heart of gratefulness is you. This gem is hidden within your ability to change your perspective. Perspective is your superpower for thankfulness.

When looking at the world you gain perspective by shifting your vantage point over and over again. With this “3D vision” you ignite your ability to see all the places the potential for gratitude lives. Here lies your opportunity to be inspired, in awe of that detail. Here is where appreciation emerges.

What comes next is an innate desire to look deeper. Deepening your experience. Thus, the cycle begins again. Refueling itself from the energy gratefulness provides. Plus, there is an overflow of energy pouring out in the form of unconditional love, patience, and compassion for others. Talk about recyclable energy.

Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving. Studies show that being thankful helps your mind and body.

Be thankful for MIND benefits: Depleting toxic emotions and thoughts, while lowering frustration. Raising mental strength and self esteem.

Be thankful for BODY benefits: People who have more appreciation report less body pains and sleep better. They tend to take care of their bodies better. Not surprising when you think about it.

Bonus byproduct, be thankful for RELATIONSHIP benefits: Put aggression on the back burner and easily move empathy to the front. The people around you will thank you. Ha ha!

You can’t ignore the natural beauty in this. But what you do need to do is nurture gratefulness each day within yourself and your village. Quickly that very village will become a “habitat for happiness.” What a wonderful place to live.

I am grateful for these insights:



  1. Learning Labs Consulting

    Hi there! I have a large interest in the benefits of gratitude and am happy to hear other people sharing the good news! Thanks!

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