fall change

fall changeWhy should you embrace Fall change?

Autumn is here. What does that mean to you? Crunching leaves under foot, the smell of cinnamon floating in the air, sunlight filtering through golden trees, warm scarves draped around our necks in anticipation of the cold… maybe all of it. When we look into the crisp blue sky, the fall season opens the door to think about transition from different perspective. Fall change takes on new meaning. One that creates an opportunity by simply reminding us of:

This is a wonderful time for outside wonderings through the crimson trees–all the while really taking in each and every beautiful shade and texture. Once solidified in your surroundings take a fresh breath reflecting on all you have accomplished, as well as what is left from what you wanted to complete this year. Personally, I like to think of autumn as a time for me to list out all the best practices I know I should to do to better myself emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Then I choose a start date and submerge myself in all that is good for me for 47 days straight. During this period, I tune fully into what is working and what isn’t to better realize how my overall well being transforms.

As we all know, the holiday season is incredibly busy. Many of us come out of that time exhausted and often sick. In the distant past, people called this period the Harvest. They were steadfast in the gathering of resources to prepare them for the long winter. Even though we are blessed enough not to store food for survival, we do need to store up energy to hit the New Year whole and healthy. Fall marks the perfect time to regroup and use a bit of introspection to move our happiness set point forward just a bit, while remembering to honor how far we’ve come.

Welcome to the season of change!


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